Marklar lives!

So it’s true. Marklar (a much-rumoured Apple project to maintain OS X on Intel as well as PowerPC chipsets) exists, and has done for the past five years! Apple have gotten sick and tired of IBM not delivering on the PowerPC chip range, so they’ve opted to move on. Per the coverage of the keynote:

Widget, scripts and Java applications should work in the new environment without any conversion, said Jobs. Cocoa-based applications will “a few minor tweaks and a recompile.” Carbon-based applications require ‘a few more tweaks,’ recompiling, and “they’ll work,” said Jobs.

Wow! An interesting move, as sales are sure to drop whilst the new machines are phased in… Still, hopefully this will mean cheaper Macs: it was common knowledge that IBM were taking the piss with the price of the G4 and G5 chips. Best of all, this won’t be like the move from 68x0 to PowerPC — OS X is an entirely different beast to the old System 7 and OS 8.x architectures — and in any case, that last move was pretty painless.


  1. Dear Marklar,

    We apologize for the long marklar in bringing Marlklar to Marklar. We have been marklarred since the news about Marklar getting marklared to Marklar was marklarred to Marklar by Marklar (who has since been marklarred). We hope soon to have the new marklar out in marklar, and hopefully we will have it done in two or three marklars. We apologize for any marklar.

    Marklar.Stan Rogers#
  2. I wondered how long the South Park thing would take… very good Stan ;-)

    Now, back to Intel: I just hope they don't use that bloody chime: Poole#
  3. MAC's have recently been overpriced and under powered so lets hope this will be a good move on both counts. But will it be used as another excuse to delay upgrading the Notes MAC client?AJP#
  4. AJP, I expect so :-) I rarely bother with my Mac client nowadays to be honest…Ben Poole#
  5. Ben, unfortunatly half my clients users are mac's so we got to battle the demon that is the Notes Mac client every day. :(

    Slightly off topic but hopefully close enough
  6. You know, the more I think about this, the more I start to believe that Jobs just wants to be able to use the Blue Man Group in the iPod commercials, and this was the only way to do it….Stan Rogers#

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