CTC 2005: Real-time conference ’blogging?

Not for me. My HTML keying is way too flakey. I am taking notes though, and will update the site with summary posts, full of excellent content and pithy commentary.

Ahem. Oh, and more stuff about beer.

One thing I will say: what are IBM playing at with skipping this conference? I believe IBM Press have a booth in the products pavillion, but IBM are really missing the boat in not pushing the Workplace message at a Collaborative Technologies Conference.


  1. Get with it Ben, you slacker!!!

    You are right about IBM's no show - makes you wonder! Overall a good day today, with an impressive array of food, booze and sunshine to round it all off. Simon Barratt#
  2. I am slack, I admit it. Good to meet you… I will try and whack some of my notes up on the site later on today :-) Ben Poole#

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