Back in the swing

Well, once back from the conference, I zipped back to work.

And almost immediately regretted that. Oh dear.

On the plus side, a mysterious little pixie has been doing some work on DominoWiki, and even I have turned some code in! So, there will be at least one more release before I give up on the wee project: too many requests, not enough chefs.


  1. Would the "little pixie" be named "Julian"? :-)

    Can't wait for the new release!

    BruceBruce Elgort#
  2. was he wearing tights and dancing in a grove under the moonlight? cuz if so, i'd like to see the Flickr stream… ;-)jonvon#
  3. In your dreams jonvon ;-)

    Well, version 0.9.7 is here, but I won’t release it, there is one showstopper in it, which I am aiming to beat tomorrow. So far, so good. The db has a nicer Notes back-end to it, the new Pixie-fied parsing engine (very nice), document-based CSS, JS and image resources (a lot more flexible), a config option to change the look & feel of the site with one click, etc., etc.Ben Poole#

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