Pixies working hard!

DominoWiki logoI recently alluded to a “pixie” gainfully employed hammering out some brilliant work for the newly-revitalised DominoWiki project. Well, work continues a-pace, and we’re rapidly approaching a v1.0 release. You can see how far the thing has got by checking out my wiki right now. Some of the changes are back-end, but there are some front-end things going on too. This release reverts to pure Lotusscript for its wiki parser: LS2J blows goats, as we already know and using a normal Java agent was simply too slow.

Wiki markup has changed a little with this release, but do not fear, the pixie has provided a migration agent should you have an earlier implementation of DominoWiki running. Other changes? Well, you can switch site look and feel with a flick of a configuration document dialog box. All images, Javascript and stylesheet data are now stored as documents in the database rather than design elements, which should make life easier. We supply a few stylesheets with which to get started. The one currently in use on my wiki is the standard DominoWiki one, but the old-skool OpenWiki one is still in there ;-)

So who is the pixie? Well, if you hadn’t already guessed, a certain Julian Robichaux has been working his socks off on DominoWiki, and deserves a massive round of applause. Frankly, I was sinking fast under the weight of requests with no coding assistance whatsoever: Julian rescued me and t’wiki, and how! Thanks Julian!

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