DominoWiki update

Version 1.0 of DominoWiki is just around the corner. I finally got a chance to put some hours in on the beast today, and have come up with something I think is pretty nifty… see what you think. It’s heavy on the Javascript, and has been tested in IE6, Firefox 1.0.5 and Safari 2.0. Remember, the clue is in the picture. Look hard…:

Screenshot of the latest version of DominoWiki

Are you confused? Bemused? Unsure? OK, well, take a look at a real-life DominoWiki page if you want to see what this new feature does. I like it.

DominoWiki is quite reliant on Javascript; it always has been, but really is now. I’m kind of in two minds about that, for the usual reasons. However, I pride myself on creating JS that works in most modern browsers, and hope that I don’t break too many things for too many people.

At the moment DominoWiki uses Javascript to perform the following:

  • generate and execute the “edit page” link / functionality
  • generate and execute the “Create new page” link / functionality
  • display users’ log-in details
  • update sundry elements of the the wiki page fieldset when editing
  • display and update cookie details
  • the new thing :-)

So nothing too grievous in my estimation. Anyway, version one will be on OpenNTF very soon, and then everyone can have their own — not just me and TheMysteriousPixie.


  1. Oooh. Snazzy. Handy for those of us who forget all that stuff, too. Nice work.Rob McDonagh#
  2. Sweet… I like it a lot. Can't wait to start using it for my documentation at work.David Sandey#
  3. Very nice.

    -richRichard Schwartz#
  4. Eggggggselllent!!!!! Can't wait to get my hands on this.

    BruceBruce Elgort#

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