DominoWiki 1.0.0 is here!

The day has finally come. I have released version 1 to the OpenNTF site. Download, tinker, and report back if you please. Here are some highlights / changes in this version per the OpenNTF release document:

  • New Lotusscript parser, courtesy of Mr. Julian Robichaux: much faster and more stable than the LS2J / Java variants we have tried in previous releases
  • Documents for all resources and images (rather than design elements)
  • Better wiki mark-up support
  • Whizzy editing tips “drawer”
  • Now with a half-decent Notes client UI
  • Easily switched website look and feel
  • Migration process for older OpenWiki implementations

A massive debt of gratitude is owed to Julian Robichaux for all his hard work on this. Julian single-handedly re-wrote the wiki mark-up parser in Lotusscript, and was on hand to fix loads of other stuff, make excellent suggestions, and generally be an all-round good egg! I am also grateful to his employer for letting Julian’s changes make it out to the rest of us.

In true auteur style, I will say this: all bugs are my fault, not Julian’s :-)


  1. Way cool! Congratulations to you both. I'll take a look early next week.Ben Langhinrichs#
  2. Great work guys!

    Look forward to upgrading.Simon Barratt#
  3. Wonderful, Ben and Stig. :-D Volker Weber#
  4. If nothing else, everyone needs to download and play with this to look at the little JavaScript slider drawer thingie that Ben put on the Edit pages. That is super cool. Definitely code worth borrowing… ;-)

    - Julian
    Stig ;-)#
  5. Just had a look at this one and its WOW!
    Such things shows how flexible Domino Apps can be. And you both had good minds to put things to work. :)

    Though read that you hve some back-end versioning, I couldn't find how to restore a page (or is this option on Lotus Notes client?)
  6. A most excellent job Ben! and Julian! Our documentation group is considering a Wiki for our customers. We use a professional authoring tool to create product documentation (AuthorIT), but we know that we can't possibly document everything. That's where a Wiki will help. Customers will be able to write and contribute to their own wiki (or knowledgebase).Brian Green#
  7. Ben I really like the DominoWiki but I needed it to display LotusScript code so I hacked a little at the WikiPage.class script library to make it use Julians ls2html script library. I did a post about it on my blog if you're interested. Heisterberg#
  8. Hi Ben,

    I maybe being a bit dense, but I have just upgraded to the latest Wiki code, and now the acronym tag has stopped working. I am using the dominowiki-simplebox.css style sheet, and as far as I can tell, the tag is defined in there as before.

    Any ideas?Simon Barratt#
  9. You've hit one of the issues with the new parser Simon. The acronym tag isn't a supported HTML entity in DominoWiki 1.0. This should be corrected in the next release (which is imminent, and is very minor: just a few bug fixes and tweaks at this stage).

    If you're feeling brave and want to tinker, take a look at the allowSafeHTML() function in the WikiPage.class script library ;-) Ben Poole#
  10. Thanks Ben - I'll take a shufty

    By the way the Green colour scheme is lovelySimon Barratt#
  11. I had setup an earlier version of the template (0.95a) previously and that was fine.

    But, now I'm trying to get your DominoWiki 1.0 template working, and for some reason the CSS doesn't seem to work, any ideas?

    It displays the body on top and the navigation underneath it?pconroy#
  12. Oh, I see what the problem is, I'm using Firefox 1.0.6!

    When I use IE 6.+ it works fine.

    Does anyone know what needs to be changed to get it to work in Firefox??pconroy#
  13. Without seeing your configuration, I can’t tell you what the issue is, but it ain’t Firefox — my wiki, based on 1.0, looks fine in 1.0.6.Ben Poole#
  14. Ben,

    In Firefox, it seems to be using layout.css to render the whole page, and ignoring the CSS I have selected dominowiki-vanilla.css, as well as placing the right navigator under the body. pconroy#

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