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Sheesh, it’s been quiet here hasn’t it? Well, I’ve spent the past couple of weeks working away like mad whilst also avoiding bombers. London is a weird place to be at the moment, and the buses are very quiet. I don’t use the tube much, so no idea what it’s been like there. I think a lot of people have been re-discovering the joys of walking around London, and if anything good can be said to have come out of the events of July 2005 in London (a dubious proposal I admit), this has to be it:

Central London isn’t that big, You can walk to a lot of places in just a little more time than it takes to faff around on public transport. OK, so this isn’t so much fun when it’s chucking it down, but on days like today, it’s actually rather pleasant. Why rush everywhere? Stick your tunes on, admire the views (some of them famous landmarks, some, er… not, but very nice all the same ;-)), and enjoy.

I walk a lot, especially in London — heck, it’s the only exercise I get! — and it is to be recommended. You see all kinds of people, places and things, and you get a real feel for a city. This “city feel” is an approach I really go for — it’s why we knackered John’s feet walking down Fifth Avenue from SoHo to Times Square in New York last month, and it’s why some ten years ago I merrily trotted round downtown Chicago, much to the amazement of some of the natives…

And so to work. One J2EE project done, another on its way, this time making extensive use of Verity search technology, specifically using its Lotus Notes gateway. Quite interesting stuff, and with the mother of all JSPs to sort out. When I haven’t been slaving over a hot edition of MyEclipse I have been playing with things like eRoom or Plazes (the latter thanks to Simon!!).

So that’s what is going on. Oh yeah, and DominoWiki needs some attention too…


  1. He Ben -- You're very lucky to have such a wonderful city to walk in. I've learned in recent years how rewarding it is to walk in London. If it wasn't for the fact that I don't eat well there, its moving from my least to one of my most favorite cities.Andrew Pollack#
  2. Hey, I'm a Chicago native and I walk around…. heck, I even walk around the city center here in Highland Park. I walk everywhere, in fact -- well, except Dallas and LA, 'cause they don't seem to believe in it.Ed Brill#
  3. Another one Ed: Tampa. Ooh the fun I had trying to get to an ATM over the road frm my hotel.

    To explain my Chicago remark: four of us once decided to walk from the Shedd Aquarium to Sears Tower. We could see the tower, just weren’t sure of the best route there. So we asked some people, and they all looked at us crazy Brits and told us to take a cab. Well, we walked :-) Ben Poole#
  4. When I lived in London I commuted from Bayswater to Covent garden. If I made a good central/picadilly connection , it was 15 minutes faster than walking, but if I walked I could go the length of Hyde Park to Picadilly then though Leicester Square to Longacre. On a sunny spring/summer/fall day I chose the walk….And almost all Fridays, with a stop at the M.V Tatershall Castle
    or the Sun near Neal's Yard for drinks with the gang….

    If I wanted to go even slower, I sat on the top deck of one of the buses (forget the number) that went up up Shaftesbury, Haymarket, to Regent Street then Oxford. I probably went through three resoles on my Vintage Oxfam Wingtips…..Great city for walking, great memories! Brian Benz#
  5. of course the only way to travel in our great capital is by folding bike!

  6. One of the reasons we ended up where we do, was because of it's established pedestrian infrastructure. We had no car when we first moved to the 'burbs from the city, so being able to get to and from the train station by foot was critical. Still surprised at the little amount of walking that goes on though!

    On a different topic, what are yout thoughts so far on eRoom?Simon Barratt#

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