Most people who come here are probably already aware of the recent brouhaha concerning a possible secret squirrel project to integrate some kind of Domino (read: Lotusscript) IDE with Eclipse.

Well, instead of trying to figure out just what the relevant person was on about, why not try something far more useful? Keith Smilie recently wrote a comment on Volker’s site telling us all about a Domino plug-in for Eclipse.

» Read more: Domiclipse.

Via vowe.


  1. As far as I see this tool does neither support debugging in eclipse nor junit-testing.
    It just uses the "text-capabilities" of the eclipse IDE.
    The plug-in is a good idea and it does include some clever programming.
    But I don't see it as a solution for me, because junit testing and debugging in eclipse does a lot of sense at least for my programming style, because I allways have lots of bugs.

    If I would write a Domino Agent in Java (I prefer LotusScript in Domino), I would write class which behaves like the agent to code but connects externally to Domino. So I have full debugging and unit-testing capabilities.

    AxelAxel Janssen#
  2. Do we have to go on and on again about the Two-Headed Beast Agent pattern? It's not hard to grok or implement.Stan Rogers#
  3. LOL As far as unit testing goes Axel, I fail to see how the plug-in compromises that. You may not get 100% coverage, but it's still perfectly possible to code a Domino Java agent and do some JUnit stuff with it. BUt I hear what you're saying: I too use Java in Domino rarely.

    Heck, I use Domino Designer rarely ;-)

    My main beefs with Java in Domino concern speed and the IDE itself -- Domiclipse looks to be taking a pretty decent stab with regards addressing the latter issue.Ben Poole#
  4. Java in the designer is a right royal pain in the arse - just last week it was giving me "contact sun" errors - whereas Eclipse worked "as expected".

    So if the plugin can help me do my development in Eclipse - then thats just great!Steve Castledine#
  5. @Ben: Could you please explain to me, what "Junit stuff" means in praxis?
    Concrete and simple example:
    I do have a Domino Agent which has a method
    Document whoLaughsLouder(View vwHappyPeople, int funLevel)
    Said method searches against a view with testdata and returns the document with higher int in laughing-field.
    Testdata has 2 document. one is Ben with laughing=8 (joker-level) and other is Axel with a modest laughing=2.
    Now please explain me, how you are going to Unit-Test that method.

    I use Domino Designer a lot for ongoing Notes projects. I prefer Eclipse for project on tomcat with springframework. I am learning JBoss IDE.

    Axel Axel Janssen#
  6. Well if you're going to call me a joker, I'm saying nowt [smiley poke_tongue]

    BTW what's the JBoss IDE??Ben Poole#
  7. I totally agree that this was a back joke. I should really think about if its really good idea to post comments in foreign language when being a quite a bit under stress on a friday morning. Really sorry. I would delete the joker, but I can't.
    The point I was pointing at wasn't pointless, I think: You need to start the agent from the notes runtime, and you have no chance to run single methods from junit. And I really do use junit more and more.
    Jboss IDE is Eclipse plug-in collection for JBoss:
    Axel Janssen#
  8. … and not being able to unit-test the agents, this Eclipse plug-in might be seen as half-baked solution nr. 6789. Axel Janssen#
  9. Here's ibm article how to remotely debug Domino Java Agents from eclipse: Janssen#

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