Trackback is dead

According to Jeremy Zawodny that is. Can’t say I disagree either. Some time back I coded an implementation as a Java agent and a few Domino design elements, tested it to a point, then shelved it: a useful programming exercise at the time, but to no real purpose (for me, anyway). I just don’t find trackback that useful, and it seems to be spam-mungous in any case. How about you?


  1. Hi Ben,

    I couldn't agree more. To avoid repeating myself, here's one of my earlier responses to this topic:

    Darn, wish I could have trackbacked that ;)Ferdy#
  2. Also agree, and I responded in the same thread as Ferdy, pointing to this post I put up two and a half years ago:

    That idea never really worked out, though I might go back to it some day. It does seem that the sites like technorati, findory, blogdigger, etc. are great ways to find conversations across blogs, but not necessarily great ways to track them. And I don't think enough Domino-based blog feeds are being pulled in by these sites and sending pings to keep them updated..Richard Schwartz#

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