Just a quick post to show that there is some life here at the moment: work is just incredibly manic, and leaves me with precious little time to play at the moment. I am managing to get some reading done on the train though, so thought I’d post some thoughts and links for anyone interested!

First up is a book I discovered entirely by accident whilst in Spain, which was a thoroughly absorbing, and fun, read. Harlan Coben’s Back Spin is one of the his “Myron Bolitar” thrillers, and it has definitely whet the ole’ appetite for more! The tale is written well, the main character is amusing and someone you can warm to. Hints of back-story make you want to know more, and the central story has an un-guessable ending. Well worth checking out. Coben is apparently quite well known State-side, but we’re only just getting to grips with him over here.

The other novel I read was also a thriller, this time by someone I’ve read before: Mark Billingham. In fact, I posted about his debut, Sleepyhead, a year ago, almost to the day! This time around I read his second novel, Scaredy Cat. Just as good as the first. Again, hard to guess what’s happening, and a real thrill. Recommended.

Finally, the most bizarre tale of the lot. James Patterson’s When The Wind Blows is a tale of genetic mutation, secret experiments, and murder. With a bit of shagging in there for good measure. When I started it, I was dubious. By the end? Quite an enjoyable book, I might try some more of his. Reviews of When The Wind Blows are certainly mixed: some of Patterson’s earlier novels were recommended in lieu of it, so I shall perhaps dip into those. Certainly this particular novel had more than a touch of Robin Cook about it.

Thus endeth today’s book club.


  1. I just started reading the Myron Bolitar series, too! As you said, they've been out in the States for a while, but I only heard about them recently. I would definitely go back and read the others if you have a chance.Esther Strom#

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