We need WAY more of this

Via the splendid Pete Lyons I learn that Andrew Wharton is now ’blogging. Oh, this is going to be fun . In his first post, Andrew sets the scene:

Lord knows I am not a patient man. Almost everything pisses me off. I swear, I yell, I growl at my computer when it is telling me something I don’t like. I talk back to emails from folks putting stuff on my ever-growing TODO list.

(Pause, as I nod enthusiastically).

My daily cycle looks something like this:
  • Attempt to do task #29
  • Realize that something elemental has changed underneath me
  • Send prickly email to folks involved in my pain
  • Get email from boss telling me to tone it down or HR will get involved
  • Send apologizing email to folks involved in my pain
  • Get laughing emails from folks involved in my pain mocking me for caving
  • Lather, rinse, repeat.

Sheer brilliance. And uncannily like the beginning of my work day…

Update: as others have pointed out in the comments, Andrew’s site appears to be locked-down at the moment. Odd.


  1. I was interested to read this new blog; sounds like my day. But it looks like MicroSoft has already pulled it…Esther Strom#
  2. Is *that* why I'm getting a login prompt? I was about to crack wise about people who blog on non-public sites, 'cause interesting as Andrew's blog is likely to be, there's no way I'm getting an account at Micro$oft just to read it…..Rob McDonagh#
  3. I don’t think it’s dramatic as the site being pulled, just that someone has decided that the site in question is only available to registered users. A shame if that’s the case, ’cause I’m not signing up either. Oh well.Ben Poole#
  4. At the time I tried it yesterday, I got a 400 error, not a login prompt. I just tried again and got the login - maybe they were working on it at the time.Esther Strom#
  5. Hmmm… Pete has more to tell:

    Comment linkBen Poole#
  6. Hey thanks Ben. I've never been called Splendid before.Pete Lyons#

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