iTunes 6

Don’t rush off and upgrade yet: iTunes 6 breaks JHymn. It had to happen eventually I suppose, so here’s hoping for a new version of JHymn from the geniuses behind it: it’s a brilliant tool for freeing up music that you bought.


  1. Ben, how often do I have to say it? You HAVE to convert to MP3. Everything else will get you f*cked at some point in time.Volker Weber#
  2. Volker, chill. All my stuff is DRM-free ;-) Just a warning for others.Ben Poole#
  3. On a similar note, i think iTunes6 does some kind of backend DB upgrade…presumably this is what breaks the jHymn.

    Unlike previous upgrades, there's no on-screen notification and it just does it between the time you click the iTunes icon and iTunes actually visibly open.

    With the size of my library, and the consequent time it took to upgrade, I actually thought iTunes was borked but alas 10mins later it was fine and now seems to run a lot faster than the previous version.

    Just looking forward to the jHymn upgrade now.Ben Rose#
  4. yes we need jhymn upgrade post haste… i just bought 580 songs from itunes unaware of this itunes 6 / jhymn incompatibility! current mood - pissed offguy incognito#

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