Open source and ads

Thumbnail of Apache weblog screenshot; click through for a larger imageThis made me chuckle last night. I was reading up on the release of Maven 2.0, and eventually got directed to the Apache news weblog.

Now, as one might expect, Apache need to get money where they can, and one obvious route is advertising. It just made me chuckle to see who is paying to place advertisements on a website wholly dedicated to open-source software development… . Click through on the image to the left to see what I mean.



  1. whats problem?
    MS.NET has made open Source Java so much better. A lot of Java5 stuff is clear C# clone. Same true for JSF. If only competition for openSource Java would come from IBM, Oracle and Sun, it would be far more boring. Axel Janssen#
  2. There’s no problem at all. It just tickled me that a company so against the open-soource movement is paying to advertise in that space.

    Sheesh. Amusements are never as funny when you have to explain ’em… ;-)

    I agree with your point though: MS make good IDEs, and that can only have spurred on Eclipse et al.Ben Poole#
  3. In jokes about open source you enter a field with lots and lots of competition.
    For example the 3-letter company (starting with I).
    Now Geronimo with documentation and some installation code from a company who never knew how to write installation code is Websphere Application Server Community Edition.
    Of course with totally different codebase from the 3 other versions of WAS :-) Axel Janssen#

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