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Ole’ Dan Lyons is at it again, the silly chump. This time he has written a “piece” entitled Fighting Back or Attack of the Blogs, depending on which page of Forbes you go to. Interestingly, the publish date of the article is 14th November, so Daniel is also travelling in time. No link because (a) the one the site provides doesn’t work, (b) the article is utter bilge and (c) you need to log in to read it.

Anyway, Dan Gillmor takes a closer look at this latest piece of “journalism” from Forbes if you really want to know more.

As an aside, given the three issues highlighted above, what on earth do they use for their content management over there? It should be binned!


  1. Well, since I've been maligned in the article, the least I could do was comment on it.
    MoreEd Brill#

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