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Cover of Depeche Mode's new album, Playing The AngelI’m well over-due a music update on this site, and it’s not like I haven’t been listening to any! Well, a few months back I discovered the rock “super group” that is Audioslave and have since listened to their sophomore effort, Out of Exile many times. It is a fantastic wedge of rock. So, imagine my delight when I was able to pick up their debut for an absolute song (sorry) a few days ago! Audioslave is a splendid album too. Full-on riffs which are great fun, but you can definitely see progression (for the good) in their second release. Recommended.

Whilst I await Kate Bush’s latest, Aerial (which is in the shops tomorrow), I’ve settled for another great English institution. Depeche Mode have been around for twenty-five years now, and their latest album, Playing the Angel is definitely right up there with (to me) their greatest effort, Violator. I am really enjoying this album; Gahan’s vocals are sublime on the first single from it, Precious.

Finally, I have discovered the magic that is Grace, a fantastic album by the late Jeff Buckley, released just over ten years ago. It is beautiful. The title track and Dream Brother really stand out for me. Yeah, people like Damien Rice are good, but Buckley was something else, and I can see what the fuss is about.


  1. Glad you are digging the new Depeche Mode album. I'm a huge fan and own pretty much everything they've put out and this is definitely their best album since Violator. May even be better in some spots.

    I keep jamming to John The Revelator…great tune…

  2. Well at least I'm not the only one then!

    The new Depeche Mode Album really is a good un!Steve Castledine#
  3. Ben,

    If you liked the Audioslave album then you should listen to Chris Cornells solo album that he made just after leaving Soundgarden and before he joined Audioslave.Ed#
  4. Grace is my favourite Album.

    Im happy that other Domino Developers like it too…

  5. See here for my Jeff Buckley moment…

    and you really should check out Elliot Smith too…

    Audioslave rocks… all the best bits of RATM and Soundgarden in a new package…kept me going whilst working for PwC in London.Andy Dempster#
  6. I've had the pleasure to see Jeff B. twice in Paris. The first one when grace juste came out and he was not known at all. The second one one year after or so.

    This guy was really different and his live performances were amasing.

    I miss him and his music.

    BWT his second album, double one, contains some diamonds too.Michael Bourak#

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