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LaCie d2 Hard Drive ExtremePoole Towers got a new piece of kit this week, via the ever-handy eBay. This time, a nice hefty hard drive. When I got Ethelred (my iMac G4) I was delighted to be replacing my aged rev. B Bondi Blue iMac (now pressed back into service, covering for an unreliable Win98 machine) for obvious reasons: I now had a DVD writer, oodles of CPU performance compared with the old G3, etc., etc. I also had a 60GB hard drive. Woo! SIXTY GIGABYTES!

Well, that soon filled up.

So, the new piece of kit is a LaCie d2 Hard Drive Extreme with Triple Interface. 250GB of disk-y goodness over FireWire. Marvellous. I’ve moved the iMovie projects (stop sniggering in the back there) and the iTunes library over already, thus freeing up in excess of 35GB on the Mac’s drive (my iTunes library is nothing like Volker’s yet). Anyway, the LaCie. It’s beautifully built — none of yer cheap plastic here, this is one beefy metal enclosure — and it is very quiet. So far so good, very pleased. I shall report back after I’ve had it running for some time if anyone is interested.


  1. I've been toying for a while with the idea of buying a LaCie, but hadn't seen reviews before now from someone whose opinion I trust, so I'd definitely be interested in whether you remain happy with your purchase.Tim Tripcony#
  2. @Tim,

    MacWorld just did an extensive review of external hard drives:

    BruceBruce Elgort#
  3. I purchased a Buffalo Terrastation a few months back and have absolutely zero regrets.

    1000GB of drives (4x250GB) is a small whisper quiet RAID enabled enclosure. I striped it in RAID5 which gives me full resiliance and less worries about data loss.

    External hard drives are great for taking backups…but what backs them up? In my case…RAID5.Ben Rose#
  4. I also bought a Buffalo. Boy was that the best buy I ever made.

    Not only does it come with a ftp server, print server, and backup sofyware, but plugging it into my router lets me access it via all my wireless hardware…..Karl Merckel#

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