On December 31, 2005, the two Notes Domino 6/6.5 Update exams will be retired. The following exams will not be available after this date:

- Exam 601 Notes Domino 6/6.5 Application Development Update Exam
- Exam 602 Notes Domino 6/6.5 System Administration Update Exam

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Hmm. To be honest, I don’t really see the value in updating my certifications. I got PCLP in Notes 4.x and then again when R5 went gold… why go through the rigmarole again? It adds nothing to the pay check, and pretty much anyone can get these certifications now by reading a half-decent book on the subject (yes, even Project Managers!)

So am I just a curmudgeonly old sod, or does someone out there have a different experience?


  1. I only updated from 4.x to 5.x because IBM made me when I worked there. Certainly never bothered with 6.x

    I don't believe it makes that much difference either.Ben Rose#
  2. I have to agree, it only adds a letters after your name, I am a true believe that experience it more important.Pete brown#
  3. Yup. Couldn't be arsed either. It was useful to look at the ND6 Upgrade Tip Sheet as a summary of all the whizzy new ND6 functions, but other than that, why bother? I'll be taking the $£$£ I've saved by not doing the upgrade exam and blowing them in a pub somewhere … need a 'wah, mate?Anonymolloyus#
  4. Hell yeah. In a few weeks Christopher?? :-) Ben Poole#
  5. I completely agree with all those comments - money better spent elsewhere (ie: the pub)

    Having said that - I have booked my ND6 upgrade exam for next week. :-) My only reason for doing this is due to the way that recruitment agencies seem to work. I have spoken to so many recently and even after I have explained that I have been working with R6 for 2 years now, all they say is "our client really needs someone with the R6 certification".

    Hacks me off that companies use agencies to find people when the agencies don;t know anything

    I have been a PCLP for 6 1/2 years now - didn't get put forward for any interview for a contract this time last year because I didn;t have the phrase "Domino Designer" on my CV!!!!!!!!

    Sorry for the rant! I just hate agencies!!!Mike#
  6. Yes, sometimes the certs are useful on paper. On a related point, I’m intrigued: I’ve not come across an agency that requires anyone with Domino skills in an age, so kudos to Mike for finding one that does!Ben Poole#
  7. Ben - turns out they were all for the same contract!!!

    Many agencies = one job. Not a good equation!Mike#
  8. Well, I do them. They lend a little credibility at customer sites in pissing competitions, and as a scum contractor, I can say that I'm one of only 20 folks in europe with dual PCLP v3-v6., so that usually gets my CV to the top of the pile. Then of course the customer thinks I'm overqualified - d'oh.

    One real value is that these certs *force* you to see all the new features in each new release. You might never use them - but youre aware of how they work, for instance. Good for those situations on new customer sites, etc.

    I mean. Do you know how to set up WebDav access to domino databases ?

    I tend to buy the self-tests as well as the exam. It shortens my revision down to about 5 hours, and guarantees me pass - so it saves my time (and therefore stops wasting billable hours).

    ---* BillWild Bill#
  9. Bill,

    That is true - makes you look at features you may never ever use (f only out of habit)

    I'm sat here reading about "Allowing users to create documents at view level" and InViewEdit events. Can;t see a reason to use them where I am now, but who knows in the future!

    Just found out that the R6 upgrade exam expires at the end of this year. Damn!

    MikeMike Poole#
  10. When I got made redundant in 2001 I re-did my CV from scratch. At the time I had just the one CLP and an MCSE. So I put "Certified Lotus Professional" and "Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer" on my CV and never got anywhere because agencies (and HSBC, PWC and some other company in Waterloo) because I didn't have a CLP or MCSE. So now I put the logos on my CV for extra-stupid agencies.

    As for the PCLPs - I did them from books and experience as Ben and other ahve mentioned. Didn't attend a single course, just paid for the exam. Which I then claimed back on expenses. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to claim back the money my employers at the time didn't spend on training me. Bastards. Save them a couple of thousand and I didn't see a penny of it.Steve Thompson#

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