Cover art for R30, the new Rush DVD releaseWhilst idly perusing t’interweb the other day, I nipped over to I was thrilled to discover that they have a new DVD set coming out any day now: Rush - R30 - 30th Anniversary World Tour. The limited edition DVD also includes a couple of CDs of the main gig celebrated in the set. Yes, yes yes!

It looks like the overall quality is somewhat better than the Rio set, and the tracklisting is super. Must get, must get… Something to ask Santa for I suppose.

Mind you, I have not been a good lad: DominoWiki needs some attention, and at last I have some possible chefs to join the team! Watch this space….

BTW, happy turkey day to all my American chums!


  1. Has anyone told Nathan yet?Stan Rogers#
  2. Just in case it comes up, I sent Mr. Freeman a link.Stan Rogers#
  3. Good work Stan. Are you telling me that Nathan doesn't read this wonderful website? With all its amazingly useful info? LOL ;-) Ben Poole#
  4. Just picked up this DVD at the local store. Popping it into the iMac now. I will post a review on the blog a boo shortly.Bruce Elgort#
  5. It's on my list for Santa, too.Greg Walrath#
  6. Fantastic!! I made it to two of the UK shows last year, just before I left the country, and they were awesome.

    And long.Dave Harris#
  7. w00t! I got this for Christmas!Greg Walrath#

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