Ed and the Mac

iChat with Bruce about Ed ;o)So, Ed has finally got his Mac. And today, he decided to try and install Notes 6.x on the beast. Well. What fun he had! And this is a crying shame, all joking aside. People take plenty of digs at the Notes client.

Some of it is justified, some of it is moronic, but all of it comes from somewhere. There is an issue with the UI in Notes, no question. Now, when you sling a version of the Notes client on the Macintosh (assuming you can find the download, download the download, and then actually install the frickin’ download), that’s when the fun really starts!

Anyway Ed has the thing installed now, so hurrah for him. Let’s see what he makes of it.

Ed, for the record, I appreciate you posting about all this, especially given how honest you’re being :-) Now, let’s get some traction behind that Hannover client for the Mac!

Uh, and please make sure it is fully-featured. No Java on an OS X Mac is embarrassing!

Update: A Notes / Mac-related page has been created in the wiki. Feel free to chip in and re-factor.


  1. The score:

    "I hate Notes" -- 289 google hits, including some that are clearly off-topic.

    "I hate Outlook" -- 619 google hits, pretty much all of them dead on target. ;)Ed Brill#

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