’tis done

I have finally gotten around to booking m’self on that there Lotusphere thingie in Orlando at the start of next year. Hurrah! What larks we shall have.

Screenshot of Lotusphere 2006 registration

So dear reader, this means no, I am not speaking. The world is not ready for that. In truth, I don’t think it ever will be. However, I shall be listening! Lots! I guess I had better get in to the sessions listing and actually start thinking about what I want to attend. At least I know what sessions to avoid, now that Bill, Julian, and others have ’fessed up.

… I jest of course: looking forward to it all :-)


  1. Registered just today as well. Now try to get a room on premises. Volker Weber#
  2. Didn't even try ;-) Booked into the Caribbean resort.Ben Poole#
  3. You really should try to get a room in Swan or Dolphin. It'll save you a lot of walking and riding (trust me, you'll be walking a ton). Well worth the effort, even if you have to call the hotel directly for reservations.

    - Julian
    Julian Robichaux#
  4. awesome!!!!!! :-)jonvon#
  5. Well. Saturday night - turtles party at the ESPN bar.

    Sunday night - opening party

    Monday night - showcase free beer.

    Tuesday night - lots of country specific sponsored events. I'm trying to get to Irish night…

    Wednesday night. Park party.

    Thursday. Rehab

    So. Remember. Its all "work", eh ?


    And I fully expect to see you at 8:30am on Wedneday or Thursday to listen to Paul Mooney and myself on Worst Practices…!

    ---* BillWild Bill#
  6. yeah, yeah, yeah!

    I fear 2005, was my last ever Lotusphere!!!

    This mean you won't be going to CTC 06 in Boston? What about John?Simon Barratt#
  7. Cheers Bill, I shall attempt to make it all! And Simon, I feared it would be too, given our chats in June. A shame!

    Re CTC2006, who knows? Although two conferences in (almost) one year -- CTC2005 and LS06 -- could be pushing it ;-) Ben Poole#
  8. Sweet! You ARE getting in on Saturday, right? I need to buy you a beer for the many laughs over the last few years.

    Oh, and I have to second Julian's comment - there's a big difference depending on where you stay. Sometimes you can get rooms at the Swan or Dolphin at later dates if you keep checking. Also, you can often get a room for *most* of the dates, and it would probably be worth checking out of your other hotel on Sunday or Monday and moving into an on-site hotel.Rob McDonagh#
  9. Should we consider another bloggers brew bash on Saturday night prior to ESPN guys?Bruce Elgort#
  10. @Bruce: Abso-damn-lutely! A good time was had by all (with the possible exception of the poor souls serving us all the food and drink…)!Rob McDonagh#
  11. Yes yes yes. It's never too early to start planning.Julian Robichaux#
  12. Yes, yes, yes? That is three beers for Julian. :-)Volker Weber#
  13. Three is no good. That's an odd number. I suggest rounding up to four.Ben Poole#
  14. Kewl. Stop by one of my 6 (or maybe 7, I can't keep track) sessions and say hey. I'll be the one in the tuxedo. Wild Bill will be the one in he kilt (if he doesn't chicken out of our deal)Bob Balaban#
  15. I am so looking forward to this. Bringing some fresh film rolls for the D70. :-)Volker Weber#
  16. Did someone say beer? Ah, I love going to Lotusbeer in January…
    ;-)Julian Robichaux#
  17. Woohoo!! Ben, your blog was the first one I bookmarked (back before RSS readers). Looking forward to finally meeting you in person. Hope you make it to the Saturday night party.

    @9 Bruce, are you tihinking over at the BrewPub? If I manage to get my beer shipped (still dealing with legal issues), I'll be more than happy to share.

    -Devin.Devin Olson#
  18. Oh - most of the Brits and Cloggies are flying across Friday - we're on the BA from LGW to MCO at around 11:40am.

    Anyone up for a beer or five Friday night from 8pm at the Dolphin "fountain" bar ?

    ---* BillWild Bill#

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