Bits On Wheels

Bits On Wheels application iconI’ve been a-tinkering with a few different applications of late, and one in particular has caught my eye!

Bits On Wheels is a wee BitTorrent client which works just beautifully. Like the rest of the world I was using the SWT-based Azureus for the occasional torrent, but we simply weren’t getting on. Azureus is a hog. No ifs or buts about it. You really know when Azureus is running in the background on your machine. It has all the bells and whistles, doesn’t look bad, and is a fine application. But I just couldn’t be doing with the footprint. So, I tried out Bits On Wheels, and I’m very happy. You wouldn’t know it’s running (well, unless you look at the bandwidth apportioned to everything else :-) ), and it does the job of downloading and uploading nicely. It also has a unique “selling point”: a live 3-D view of your swarm — click here for a screenshot (47KB) — which I find enormously nifty — if a little pointless ;-)


  1. I found Bits On Wheels hogging the machine too. I am still on Bram's BitTorrent client. Simple and lean.Volker Weber#
  2. I just run my torrents on my dual processor 3GB RAM server, never notice Azureus hogging anything :-D Ben Rose#

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