Frappr screenshotEverywhere you look, ’bloggers attending Lotusphere 2006 urge you to sling a “shoutout” up on to the Lotusphere 2006 Frappr page. Well, I tried just that. And it doesn’t work at all. Just because Google maps knows where yer city is, doesn’t mean Frappr does. Bah.


  1. Maybe it can't see it for all the thick black smoke?Colin Williams#
  2. Oops! just realised that wasn't such a funny thing to say given lives lost and injuries…sorry!Colin Williams#
  3. Ha!. You live in a city ? Our village has four lamposts and a pub.

    However, its quite a cute Ajax enabled UI - type something in, wait for it (I said - "wait for it…") - and a list of possibles will appear.

    At one stage I was then able to slide my Frappr over the pub itself, given thats where most people find me (or leave me..)

    ---* BillWild Bill#
  4. Only a city in McMerican terms I can assure you! I double-checked, but Frappr doesn’t know it, or the immediate neighbours. Oh well.Ben Poole#

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