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Imogen Heap, Speak For Yourself album coverWho she? I hear some of you ask. Well, I've kind of followed her career for a while. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a big old Nik Kershaw fan — have been since the start — and that’s how I found out about Imogen Heap. She is someone Mr. K. produced in the early stages of her career, and she’s also worked with the chap quite recently: an amusing pairing given her height (very tall) and his (very small).

Anyway, I digress. Imogen Heap is an extremely talented woman (Dave Stewart, of Eurythmics fame, describes her as being a “musical genius” in his celebrity playlist in the iTunes music store), and her star is truly in the ascendant right now. The amazing track Hide And Seek, from her latest album, Speak For Yourself featured in the soundtrack to The OC, and she also wrote and performed a track for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe. So, talented woman, and someone I recommend you listen to forthwith.

In other music news, continuing the mid-life crisis (documented in these very pages) which started with re-discovering the joys of Rush, Iron Maiden, and Van Halen, I have now got back into another tip-top band I liked in the early ’90s: Primus! Marvellous!


  1. oh yeah? Have you ever really listened to The Allman Brothers do "Whipping Post" live?Bob Balaban#
  2. I was going to comment on a screenshot you had recently with Imogen and a few other artists that just flat out kick ass.

    I have a hard time doing anything else when Imogen hits the iPod. Incredibly unique… and sexy… and musical… voice.

    The song I keep coming back to as the one I love from her… which I'm putting on RIGHT NOW after seeing your post… is "Psychobabble" from the Frou Frou album Details. Haunting… and beautiful.

    Had heard her before but REALLY learned of her via

    Take out the trip-hop vibe she puts out a lot, and even though she's got a different voice… I end up going through the same thing listening to Emiliana Torrini. Different voice… Causes same reaction.

    And my iTunes takes me to Robert Johnson… hmmm… Changed my mood… but mmmm… Mr. JohnsonBob Obringer#
  3. we use Hide and Seek as one of end of the day tunes in the office. it really is lovely.

    Sailing The Seas of Cheese…. you know it!james governor#
  4. Ni(c)k Kershaw!?!?!?!?!? It was the girls in my school that liked Ni(c)k Kershaw - not the lads!!! ;-)

    No doubt you enjoyed The Riddle????Simon Barratt#
  5. :-) It was OK. Much prefer his recent stuff though. The teeny bopper thing didn't last: the guy's a seriously good singer-songwriter (and guitarist): I jest not!Ben Poole#

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