Geeks getting down and dirty

Whilst discussing the creation of custom themes for Confluence recently, m’colleague John and I had a very silly Sametime session. As you do. Because I have just found it on my hard drive, I thought I would post it, in true jonvon style.

Well, it’s my site. I can do what I want!

John B	i really wanted to store the sametime token in the session, like it does now
John B	but i don't think there is any way to get the session from my
	velocity helper class
John B	so i've done something dirty
John B	very dirty
John B	so dirty i want to wash my hands constantly
Ben P	oooh do tell
Ben P	I like a bit o'filth
John B	i pass in the $req object from the velocity page
John B	which gives me some weird fangled HTTPSeraphWrapper object
John B	from where i can get the session
John B	but just doens't feel right
Ben P	That does seems a little convoluted, aye
John B	you're supposed to say "jeez, that's genius"
Ben P	I was not commenting on the brains that came up with
	the solution, more the hoops that said brains had to go thru ;o)
Ben P	but actually, re-reading what's involved, I wouldn't say it's
	THAT dirty
Ben P	One too many buttons undone, rather than going out commando,
	shall we say


  1. "One too many buttons undone, rather than going out commando, shall we say" - LOL, i have to remember that one… jonvon#

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