The review

The predictable review of the year that was:

And so, finally, on to stuff to look forward to in 2006:

So these bullets comprise the basics of 2005 for me. A big mention has to go to one of the other highlights: attending the Collaborative Technologies Conference in New York this summer. It was a good conference, and I met some great people. Lars, Tim, Larry and Simon were people new to me, whilst it was fantastic to finally meet Michael and Eric. (More CTC posts linked here).

Bye bye 2005, here’s to 2006!


  1. Thanks for putting me on the "look forward to" list, but really what we want to see is some more awesome code from BEN POOLE, right? No fair passing the buck like that.

    - Julian
    Julian Robichaux#
  2. more gratuitous swearing pleasejames governor#

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