Laying claim to DominoWiki?


I’m the author of the OpenWiki template, and run the weblog

John, if you’re out there, be sure to (a) upgrade to the latest version of DominoWiki, (b) ensure you have full paths to your CSS and Javascript files so that your site is styled, (c) update any links referring to “OpenWiki” and finally… change the wording in your personal page!!! ;-)


  1. Cheek? Chutzpah? No, neither of those says quite what I want to get across. The only ones I can think of offhand are more along the lines of a form name I saw in a Designer Form Properties dialog recently….Stan Rogers#
  2. WOW! I thought some other chap wrote that… Yeah, the Designer Form Properties rings a bell Stan! :)Chris Whisonant#
  3. The badkey blog doesn't seem to have any original content, either.Ed Brill#
  4. That's just taking the piss, that is!Simon Barratt#
  5. Such guys end up in bad sales jobs.
    I discovered a week ago:
    There's a guy I showed the difference between String and Integer 3 years ago (really. took about an hour).
    He claimed in his CV on a popular german business forum having worked as a director of the development department of some company, b.e.f.o.r.e. we had the plessure to work together. :-)
    And now… He works in a bad sales job.
    He had some good sides, though. Axel#
  6. Hi folks,

    I personally know John, he's a customer of ours. I'm sure this is an accident, he's not the kind of guy that would try to pull something like this off on purpose. Besides, he's an administrator, not a designer :-)

    Gerco Wolfswinkel#
  7. Yes fair enough. The wording of the page is so similar to the default stuff I put in there when I release the template, I would give John the benefit of the doubt :-) Ben Poole#
  8. yeah, you know could be a language barrier thing too. "author" is similar to "writer". like, "i write stuff with dominowiki".

    or something… jonvon#
  9. Ben sorry application mistake. Can you please remove this.

    Thanks…for the remark.

    ps. Learning by doing …what can I say.. who works makes mistakes..John#

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