Volker mentioned this application a week or so ago. CoverFlow is all about browsing your iTunes music collection in an intuitive, visual fashion, as if you were shuffling through CD cases. Anyway, I noted Volker’s post, but didn’t really explore the application, thinking it was just another take on what Clutter attempts to do.

Well, yes and no. If you run a Mac, and have a hefty iTunes library, I would urge you to check CoverFlow out, it’s pretty nifty. Beware though: the initial indexing process, in which the application grabs all the album art it can, is very heavy on your machine, so don’t do this when you’re in the middle of something!

Click to see full-size screenshot from CoverFlow

I really like this thing. It doesn’t replace the way you use iTunes’ library, but augments it very nicely.

CoverFlow web site.


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