Lotusphere: Crikey

Too busy, no time… to ’blog. Hah! Well, what a show it has been so far. I’ve spent a whole heap of time on Workplace, the managed client, Workplace Designer, looking at Hannover, J2EE tricks with Domino, and so on and so forth. Have also met a whole load of people, many of whom have been utterly surprised as I lurch out at them in the highways and by-ways of the Swan and Dolphin Hotels.

Sorry about that guys. Anyway, so far it has been a blast. I will post thoughts and “analysis” (hah!) at some point I swear. Others are providing far better coverage of the key themes and news though. Go there.

BTW, I did attend a panel on weblogs today (featuring Ed, Volker, Rocky, and others… but I couldn’t bring myself to post from the session: that would have been far too weird, even for me :o)

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