Lotusphere: Tuesday

As I touched-upon in my last couple of posts, I’m being pretty slack on the ’blogging front from Lotusphere. Well, I have no excuses. My HTML skills simply don’t stand up to posting live from sessions, and I don’t want to miss anything. There is a lot going on at this here conference. No doubt you’ve already seen the news about the key announcements: Hannover of course, Sametime 7.5, Notes 7.0.2 on the Mac this year (complete with Domino Web Access support in Firefox), and so on and so forth. In today’s repeat Hannover And Beyond session, we saw a bit more of the stuff that was brought out to show in the opening session… And It Was Good. The Notes client for the Mac, is waaaaaaaaaay more OS X-like. For example, I think I will soon be able to retire the Mac Fonts tool. Hurrah!

What else we did see… activities embedded in the Hannover client. SAP timesheet and vacation recording embedded in a customised Notes mail template. Click-to-call in Sametime, integrated with Avaya initially, more telephony providers in the pipeline. What else… Oh yes! Notes on Linux? The Notes client on Linux. Does that do it for you? How about Hannover on the Mac??

Personally, I have been blown-away by what IBM are doing with Workplace, and more specifically, the managed client technology found therein. I’ve been following all this stuff since just before version 2.0 came out, and each leap forward has been a quantum one. Tools like Workplace Designer, or the Eclipse tooling for creating composite applications, and the stand-alone IBM productivity tools are all really maturing nicely. For example, it’s abundantly clear that a great deal of thought has gone into the APIs available to the Workplace Designer developer, and the Javascript wrappers to core Java classes has been well-executed.

Down-sides of the conference? Well, there’s the Great Coffee Crisis of ’06 (each coffee break only seems to result in drinks being available in the Swan, not the Dolphin).

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