Lotusphere: Wednesday

Today was tremendous fun. It started early. I was up at 5.40 ready to get over to the Swan for the OpenNTF BoF session at 7am. Ouch! The BoF was well-attended all the same, and I have to say, Bruce was a great host. Very entertaining, he had plenty for us to talk about, and he brought books with him. I snarfled a copy: Open Source & Free Software Licensing. Anyway, the BoF: we discussed licensing, project support, podcasts, legal liability, the need for documentation, the need for help, projects old (OpenNTF mail experience, DXL Peek, domBulletin and, ahem, DominoWiki) and new — Andre Guirard’s sounded fantastic. It was a great session: thanks to everyone for coming along and taking part. I hope I made sense when I talked about DominoWiki. It was kind of early.

Shout out to Ben Rose too! This was the second session in which I got confused with “other one Ben”! Ben, you may not have been at Lotusphere, but your ears should have been burning nonetheless: Ed even had your site on one of his slides later today (see below).

Onwards. At 8.30 the room was heaving in anticipation of the Worst Practices presentation from Bill Buchan and Paul Mooney. Well. It was superb. We were rolling in the aisles, and the technical content was splendid. If you ever get the chance to see either of these chaps present, grab it with both hands, and don’t let go — even if you have a ferret in your pants.

Continuing the entertainment theme, I just had to go see Ed in action doing, of course, The Boss Loves Microsoft: Where Does That Leave Lotus? Another great session, with Ed supported by Sara Nagelvoort. Good job guys: they really socked it to those MS people, and made some excellent points along the way. I could get picky about the trumping of multi-client support in Notes (Linux has nothing ’til Hannover, the Mac client isn’t full-featured), but that’s kind of missing the point: IBM are firing on all cylinders, MS are just full of red bull.

An interesting Workplace development session followed before lunch. And then the afternoon, wow. It was excellent. A summary:

  • Mac Guidera gave a presentation on using XSL and DXL together to generate splendid Web 2.0 applications in Domino. The room was packed, and indeed, overflowed into two more seminar rooms. Good going! IBM have snared a real talent in hiring Mac.
  • Wild Bill was back, this time re-visting last year’s session on object oriented programming with Lotusscript. An excellent refresher, as entertaining as ever — again, another packed room.
  • Rocky Oliver was extraordinary. The poor guy was in hospital with chronic bronchitis this morning, yet he still blew us all away with a splendid presentation on DXL for Lotusscript coders. He apologised for being spaced-out on drugs for his condition, but if that was a man was wasn’t really “on it“, what on earth is he like when he’s well?? Great presentation Rock: the “righteous hack” is indeed, um, righteous (Rocky demonstrated an approach for generating dynamic forms on the fly using DXL and recounted a beautiful tale of geekery that we could all relate to).

The day finished with the official Lotusphere party at Seaworld, which was great. The organisation was impeccable, and the food and drink plentiful. Delicious cookies especially!


  1. Paul Mooney is at and not paulmooney ;-)Volker Weber#

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