Lotusphere: DominoWiki futures

Lotusphere is like fantasy land. I’m sitting in the Gurupalooza session, listening to people geeking out on all things Notes and Workplace-related. There is a sea of OpenNTF t-shirts and I’m a sicko badges. I’ve spent several days immersed in this stuff, talking with people that hitherto, I have only "met" via email, Skype, iChat and wot-not.

This is very cool. This is nerdvana. So returning to work Monday morning will be very depressing [smiley Sad]

Anyway, what has really struck me is the interest in DominoWiki, and I’ve made some great new connections. You should know that Matt White has completed a diff engine for the wiki, and that I have a load of code changes to push thorough also. I have updated the OpenNTF pages, but look out for more activity in 2006 — what’s more, I have had a volunteer for documentation. Woo hoo!

This is all tremendously exciting, and I have to say big thanks to the mysterious pixie for getting that wiki parser really cruising.

Update: I have updated the OpenNTF “About…” page.

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