Lotusphere: Finishing up

So we’re done. Crikey, that was over pretty quick. I thoroughly enjoyed my first Lotusphere, and really hope it won’t be my last. Apart from anything else, I should do a JamFest some day. Hah!

Anyway, I have a spare few minutes before the call for beer becomes too strong, so I shall finish this post with an overdue link to my Flickr Lotusphere pictures. Not an amazing photographic contribution I’ll warrant you, but there it is. I have a couple of ego-massaging shots in there. See if you can guess which ones… Tsk.

Once you’re done looking at my travesties, be sure to check out the better shots found in the full Lotusphere 2006 Flickr stream.

More thoughts will be collected and presented as and when. Over and out for now.

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