Lotusphere: What I learned

In no particular order:

  • Michelob Ultra: the “ultra” refers to “Ultra lite”. i.e. it SUCKS
  • … but Sam Adams is still good
  • I am pants at going round product showcases & snaffling goodies
  • Two pairs of shoes: a definite. Thanks to Richard for making the suggestion
  • No need to buy coffee before stupidly early BoFs: the LS organisers provide it for you!
  • I can still dance like a teapot
  • When you attend LS as one large party, it’s a lot more convenient to all book into the same hotel
  • … and you should make that hotel either the Swan or the Dolphin
  • Disney resort staff can be amazingly polite. Even at 4am to drunken Brits

But seriously. I had a fantastic time, learned a lot, and met a lot of great people. If I didn’t meet you then more’s the pity: I hope we can rectify that next year (fingers crossed!)

For now, it’s back to work — though not on anything one tenth as cool as the stuff I saw last week. What a shame.

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