Oh God

When will it stop?


  1. I think your link is on the blink. I get a "doc not found"…
    Julian Robichaux#
  2. Ben, I was thinking the same thing just the other day… but it turned out that I had faulty logic in a Do While loop. :)Tim Tripcony#
  3. Tim, LOL ! Sorry, link sorted :-) Ben Poole#
  4. Work the system.

    You have to bill the time it takes to fill out the reports, time sheets etc to the person who asks for them. If they don't give you a code, you don't deliver. If they fire you because you don't deliver the reports and time sheets, find a new job.Volker Weber#
  5. Your title reminded me of the opening lines of the classic black grape 'Money Back Guaranteed" tune!

    "Oooooh my God, what the f*** is that?"

    I can imagine a similar expression on your face too!Simon Barratt#
  6. Black Grape! Woo hoo! And yes, that‘s the expression :-) Ben Poole#

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