Police seek Mr. Potato Head

Actual police e-fitI kid you not The picture you see to your left is an actual “e-fit” of a man police in England want to talk to. Apparently this chap burgled a pub, but the victim is none too pleased with the e-fit that Norfolk police have issued. I can’t see what the problem is: the nasty perpetrator looks perfectly natural to me.

A spokesman for Norfolk Police said: “We couldn’t comment on current e-fits as that might jeopardise investigations.”

Well, quite. I imagine they will catch him in no time. Provided they recruit PC Plod of course, and that they restrict their search to Toytown: where else would you find someone who looks like this?

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  1. Well, if that IS a reasonable likeness, it shouldn't take very long to find him, should it?Stan Rogers#
  2. It's Begbie from the film Trainspotting. My hero!Anonymous Coward#

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