That’s a lot of files...

Thumbnail image: click for full-size screenshotat work we have some software that performs automatic back-ups, on a daily basis, of files on our machines. Typically these data include much of the content of “My Documents”, a few key databases in c:\lotus\notes\data, and so on and so forth.

The back-up application compresses the required data, optimises the archive and then bumps it up to a bare-bones server where the content is encrypted. So long as the thing works, it’s a pretty handy service, and doesn’t disrupt the PC too much (assuming you have a reasonably decent machine). However I don’t believe for one second that it was really trying to assess over four billion files this morning when I looked at the progress dialogue…

(Click the thumbnail for a larger graphic).

Tsk. Computers eh?


  1. A bit like that crazy replicator, or you really are that prolific!… Barratt#

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