Hot Pockets!

The first time I visited the States, in 1993, Beavis & Butthead were in the ascendant, and followed me back to the UK that Christmas. I returned to the US in January, and this time Ren & Stimpy popped up on BBC2 in the UK. I don’t mind those pieces of popular American culture too much (well OK, I wasn’t much of a B&B fan to be honest, but Ren and co. were great!), so fair enough.

But the latest is too much: I just saw a TV ad for… Hot Pockets.



  1. *This guy's weird….*

    Just wondering which of their derivatives have floated across the pond -- lean pockets? Breakfast pockets? Dead pockets? [smiley poke_tongue] Ed Brill#
  2. stay away from them all - they are as hideous as you imagine!Simon Barratt#

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