More synth looniness

This is extraordinary. That fantastic new resource on t’interweb, YouTube, has thrown up some great stuff. The latest is a video of Herbie Hancock, Howard Jones, Thomas Dolby and Stevie Wonder, all playing the most ludicrous collection of eighties synths I’ve ever seen on one stage.

You name it, it’s there. An Emulator II, a Fairlight CMI (in fact, two CMIs!), Oberheim synths, Linn drum machines, Kurzweils, Yamahas… the list goes on. Bonkers. Of course, I don’t care whether you are Herbie Hancock, you still look a right plum with a strap-on keyboard round your neck: no-one can get away with wearing those things.

Anyway, the video is taken from the 1985 Grammy awards held in LA. Enjoy!

Via Musicthing. (the Musicthing post contains heaps more video links if you liked this one).


  1. Cool video, I love the Herbie Hancock RockIt video as well (still can't believe they got away with what the dummy is doing in the bed).REALJimBob#
  2. I couldn't stop laughing… but then became a little nostalgic. I admit to having at least one old cassette tape in the basement of both Howard Jones and Thomas Dolby. Kids today? They jump around and say they're dancing. And their music? It's just noise.
    There - I have turned into my parents.Ed Maloney#

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