Well done Scotland!

From what I saw, a great, dramatic game. The Scots defence was extraordinarily tight, and they won a very well-deserved victory. So, France first, now England: what performances!

BBC Sport: Scotland 18 - 12 England.


  1. It was indeed a dramatic game. The Calcutta Cup has always been an important date in the Scottish rugby calendar for all Scots fans. I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday's game. England played well and managed to bring out the best in Scotland. Fantastic!eWraith#
  2. Hear-hear. An excellent game. England played well, but I think they adapted their game too slowly, particularly as World Cup holders. It almost looked as if 5 extra blue shirts got on the pitch everytime England got the ball in teh second half, there was virtually no way through. Scotlands running ball was well-handled (not something that could be said last year), good turn-arounds, and back-up all the way. No tries, but there didn't need to be. What a game. A deserved win.

    Interestingly, I understand Scotland had no-one over 30 on the pitch, whilst England had 5. This is a young Scots team. Next year: the Grand Slam :)PartTimeSock#

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