Randy tells it how it is

Apparently Dell computers are very good for at least one thing (this is work-safe, don’t fret): I use my Computer for eh…


  1. Work safe my arse!!!! Yet another link blocked by our firewall!!!Simon Barratt#
  2. Without wishing to be offensive Simon, I suspect your arse is not at all work-safe.

    Whilst that particular link is OK, the site in general has a lot of stuff on it that isn’t work-safe at all. Chortle.Ben Poole#
  3. Defo NSFW here either (blocked by the proxy filters) - and by here I mean your own place of work, so not sure how you accessed it matey… ;)REALJimBob#
  4. I am working from home of course! The coffee's better (how could it be any worse??), and the commute's non-existent

    BTW, re "work-safe", I am talking about the content, not the site! :-)Ben Poole#
  5. "Work-safe" is such a funny concept. I would understand "kindergarden-safe" or "grammar-school-safe" but "work-safe"? A place usually inhabited by people beyond the age of consent.Volker Weber#

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