In case you were in any doubt...

… It is now official: Steve Ballmer has lost it:

IBM increasingly is a services company. At the end of the day, we’re a software company.

So how does Ballmer reckon this works? Well, he’s just announced that Windoze Vista and Office 2007 “are the future” for MS—heck, for everyone. Good to hear some innovative thinking from Redmond.

Microsoft really are a software company: after all, IBM have only delivered Workplace 2.6, a new version of Domino, new versions of Websphere / Websphere Portal, and so on and so forth. Later this year IBM are posting betas for the next version of Notes (“Hannover”), and in the summer, Sametime. So clearly IBM are not delivering in the software space, not like Microsoft.

Um, when is Vista supposed to come out again?

The Register: Ballmer pushes Vista and Office vision to businesses.


  1. "IBM increasingly is a services company". Well, yes, IBM do a lot of services. On the other hand, if we're talking Orwellian semantics, then I suppose Microsoft are increasingly a hardware company.

    What utter drivel from Mr Ballmer. On the other hand, this renewed aggression from Murkysoft shows that they're worried, which is good news.

    Now it's time for IBM to get Notes/Domino 8 out as soon as humanly possible (which I firmly believe that they will), and back it up with a some smart and effective market campaigning (which I can only HOPE they will!)

    And here's another thought …. why was Steve Ballmer quoting IBM as being thir biggest competitor to Windows and Office?? Surely Linux, Apple and OpenOffice are the main competitors there. Maybe's he's going senile, and scared of the OS/2 monster and the SmartSuite troll hiding under the bed …. ;-)Julian Woodward#
  2. So what's wrong with being a service company anyway?

    I mean, it's not like Microsoft are planning some kind of software service which keeps your computer patched, performs backups and so forth. They'd be smart and leave that to service companies, right? Because they only make software.

    Software which, of course, is so damned good that it doesn't need services layered on top of it to get maximum value out of it. Let alone additional other bits of software - everything you'd need for collaboration with Office is included in the Office box, after all. Isn't it?

    Philip Storry#
  3. Have you seen how much MS Consulting Services charge?? They certainly act like a service company when it suits them!

    P.S. I came across another humorous name derivative for Vista the other week : Visturd! Made me smile. ;-)Simon Barratt#
  4. I think that the man meant "IBM is mainly a sevice compmany". After all, Software is not the only business at IBM. But in matter of Software IBM is far better (yes better) than MS. IBM Software offering covers all the needs of any company, and has philosofy applied to those tools to give answers to the business problems.

    I would like to see Microsoft selling solutions with half the value than IBM solutions. (we can expand this topic in another entry may be?)

    So, as IBM has a bigger structure to "move" when doing business, MS stays only in the Software world.

    What if they start to do business with hardware?…. iPods for example ?=>

    .::AleX::.Alex Hernandez#

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