XP on the Mac

So now we know how to install XP on Intel Macs, and even get it going properly, we have to move on to the next question: for the love of God, why??

I think this cartoon says it best: The Joy Of Tech.


  1. The obvious thing is to prove it can be done. Remember Domino on Linux on Xbox?

    Second, there is no Domino Admin or Designer client for Mac. :)Scott Gentzen#
  2. lol, that is funny!jonvon#
  3. Good timing. While I still remember it, here's another related post. OSx86 project is offering a $1 bounty to the first person to do the same trick with Vista. Gentzen#
  4. Of course, there's always Q, the Cocoa port of QEMU: Poole#
  5. I saw Q on Digg for the first time a couple days ago. Sweet! I haven't tried it out yet. I'm thinking that I'm going to have to bump my RAM up (currently 512MB) to start running virtual stuff.
    Scott Gentzen#
  6. I am historically a PC type of person and as of the last couple of years focusing on Linux. I still keep a partition for XP for playing a few on-line games that I enjoy. To me, that is the only reason for keeping Windows around until such time as the game developers comes to their senses.

    As for Q and QEMU, I have used QEMU extensively and am working on a small portable Linux desktop OS that resides in a USB pendrive and will boot on top of Windows. Linux and in the future Macs. This would allow anyone to take their desktop and favorite files along with them and boot on nearly any computer without rebooting the box itself. Running OSs virtually is the future!

    Michael Fisher#

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