Little Phatty

Synth aficiónados have been waiting, with bated breath, to see what Moog were going to come up with following a big mysterious campaign on their site and elsewhere. Well, they have now provided the answer: “Little Phatty”, a lovely-looking thing. The version pictured here is the limited edition Bob Moog tribute version (the late great Dr. Moog was involved in the instrument’s conception).

As one would expect, the wee chap has a touch of Minimoog about him with the angled control area—I particularly like the rear signature panel:

Moog's new synth, Little Phatty

Read more at Music thing.


  1. Yeah, okay, but where do you plug in the patch cords?Stan Rogers#
  2. Looks great, but the price means that Little Phatty is for Big Phanattics only.Richard Schwartz#
  3. Very true, it ain't cheap. But then what Moog ever was? It seems to take a few design cues from the Voyager too, as one might expect: Poole#

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