How much do you know about Apple?

The BBC has a silly wee quiz in its technology section, all about Apple. This is down to the impending 30th anniversary of said company. I got 7/10, which means “You have dabbled in the world of iPods but still rely on your Windows PC.”

Outrageous. Now you try!

How much do you know about Apple?.


  1. I got 9/10 and you know where I work. But I owned an original "fat" Mac -- with 512K RAM and a single 400K floppy drive. I've been a Mac user since Jobs had thick black hair :-)

    The only question I got wrong was the one about which Apple product was recently crowned as the greatest gadget. I won't give away the answer…Bob#
  2. Only 5 for me, but I'm not that suprised….James Spinks#
  3. 8/10 - I've owned 2 'macs' but never thought their influence would be that great…Andy Dempster#

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