Volker made an innocent post on his site today, continuing his examination of the Sonos ZonePlayer equipment he was recently provided-with. All well and good. The comments it appears to be garnering though, have me perplexed. First, some guy posted a random mini-rant about how he—or perhaps someone he knew—was giving up ’blogging to spend more time on work and with his friends and family. Well, good for him (even if he did come over as a pompous arse), but what the hell this had to do with audio equipment, Lord only knows. Anyway, being a good mother, vowe reached for the delete key.

The next thing you know, he has another pompous twit on his hands, this time posting a comment thus:

nice censor job… guess it hit home.

Oh the humanity! LOL.


  1. You know "Ed Fisher" (Ed.: actually Jeffrey Franchetti of Cravath, Swain Moore) when you see him, don't you?Volker Weber#
  2. :-D Ben Poole#

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