Dominoblog is 3

If you’re in the business of providing content management systems for your users, and you use Domino, I hope you’re keeping an eye on Dominoblog. As of a couple of weeks ago, Steve is now up to version three with this beast, and every time I look at it I’m amazed at the functionality he’s crammed in there without making his project “bloatware”.

Recently I was involved in a pretty thorough evaluation of a number of high-grade commercial web content management systems, and I have to say, given how mature the market is supposed to be, there were some glaring holes in all of them. At work we’ve now settled on the system we’re going to use, and a few of those holes are now being filled… with custom Domino work. In the past many pundits and “I hate Notes” sites have kicked-off about how Domino is proprietary, closed, blah blah blah. However, my experience is quite the opposite: I never cease to be pleasantly surprised at how many different things* Domino can play nice with.

So, kudos to Domino, and kudos to Steve: here's to more success with Dominoblog!

* - and if they can sort the Java thing, even better.


  1. Thanks Ben - you will be pleased to know I have a Mac (kindly donated by a user) in order to test all the functionality will work on that platform!Steve Castledine#

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