Fightin’ talk

The recent piece by Robert Cringley, Prisoner of Redmond: Yet Another Way Paul Allen Isn’t Like You or Me has been splashed all over t’interweb, and rightly so. It’s interesting, it’s well-written, and it has bits in it about wealth, near-death experiences and monumental betrayal—you know, all that rip-roaring kind of stuff. However, it’s the last line that made me come to an abrupt stop:

Based purely on character (or lack of it), I confidently predict that Microsoft is going down. It should be interesting.


Cringely bases this on one of the legal threats Microsoft is currently facing, from the state of Iowa. Now, Iowa’s a pretty big place I grant you, but can it really take M$ down? I doubt it (especially since the whole of the European Union apparently cannot).


  1. There are so many eddys and side currents I hadn't seen that Ben. Thanks for pointing it out. Cringley's not always right but he does have a good finger on the pulse of our industry. I have to imagine people are mighty pissed-off in the upper circles of MS. Pete Lyons#

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