Boot Camp

Apple's Boot Camp graphicYou want Domino Designer on the Mac you say?

You got it. And you can do it for free without buggering up your Mac. Apple have released Boot Camp, a public beta of some new technology they will be offering in the next major version of OS X, code-named “Leopard”.

Executive summary: Boot Camp allows an Intel Mac to boot into Windows XP or OS X, without the need to invalidate your warranty!

As Volker says:

I see some Domino developers in the Apple Online Store. :-)

Geeks should read the small print, there’s some clever stuff going on in this. For example, it all works by effectively tricking WinXP into thinking that the Mac is a BIOS-based PC (to get around the EFI issue). Boot Camp facilitates simple partitioning to support the effort, and also provides driver support for stuff like the optical drive eject key, Airport, audio, graphics, etc. Nice work.

Via Volker Weber.


  1. Personally I dislike dual-booting, but by the time I upgrade to an Intel Mac virtualisation products should be well established under OS X. Already read the rumour somewhere that a new player (ie. not VMWare) is coming out with something "very soon".

    Marcin Szczepanski#

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