Show ’n’ tell VI: a lesson learned

This week’s tip will be short and sweet.

Don’t start playing with Oracle. That way lies madness.

OK, I’m kidding.

Kind of.

I have to say, for the first time since I started writing this weblog, I’m done in… The last time I felt like this, it was my 27th birthday (there: already you know we’re talking a long time ago). I’d been asked to “code a button” by a partner in my firm. Well, that button ended up being a complete compliance suite built in Lotus Notes. Three databases, fairly sophisticated mailflow and reporting. All built over a solid sixty hour period by yours truly for circulation around 1,100 partners and staff, extending to 7,000 partners and staff over the next few days. All so that we didn’t fall foul of some new SEC rules.

Well, yay me. It worked. If I ever hear “proper” developers diss “corporate developers” again, I’ll kick their arse. I defy anyone to deliver on something like that in the way I did with Notes. Yes, of course I worked my pathetic bottom off, but if it hadn’t been for Notes, I couldn’t have delivered.

There’s your tip for this week, right there.

So, anyway, back to the project. I missed my birthday dinner with my wife, I didn’t see my (then, only) son for two days. It was awful, it took me right back to my years as an auditor, the life I tried to escape. Lesson learned.

Back to the here and now. Well, I have ideas, lots of ideas for stuff to write. They’re all bubbling away. But damn, I’m just too tired to wrap some coherence around these ideas (always a good idea I think). Forgive me. I know I promised more this week.


  1. We'll forgive you (but your wife might not).Ben Langhinrichs#
  2. She did eventually back then. Now, hmmm… :-) Ben Poole#
  3. Good job me n' Chris had left by then…..

    Ben - "Chaps, I've got a nasty button to code."
    D&C - "Right let's have a look at it then…"
    D&C - "Nasty!"
    Ben - "Zackly!"
    D&C - "Fancy a pint?"Dave Curtis#

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