Glutton for punishment

Apologies for the recent radio silence, lots going on. With regards this post’s subject line, I truly am a glutton for punishment. On Monday afternoon I flew back home from a week’s holiday with the family. I started back at work yesterday, have a number of appraisal meetings today (yes, it’s that horrible time of the year) and for some reason opted to take two Lotus application development exams this morning. No idea why. My PCLP has lapsed, as it’s R5, and in typical Poole style I neglected to take the ND6 upgrade exam before it expired at the beginning of the year. So, guess who has to sit the whole bally lot again?

So, before embarking on my hols, I scheduled the requisite three exams: 610 (fundamentals), 611 (intermediate) and 612 (web). I took the first two this morning, and the third takes place next week. It’s been almost five years since I last took a prometric exam, so I was somewhat apprehensive, particularly as I didn’t do any preparation beyond reading the exam guide. Tsk! Bad fellow. Still, I passed, and now just the one to go.

Volker recently posted about his ND7 exam, and how his PCLP status was maintained due to “grandfathering”… I wonder if this also happens for ND6? My PCLP status for R5 came about through passing the Advanced Lotusscript exam (273). This exam still appears on the advanced track for ND7 certification, so I assume it still stands for six… anyone know?

Once the appraisals are done, and the rest of this week’s meetings are complete, maybe I’ll actually take the time to study for 612 eh!

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